News from Turkey! Liberalization of the .TR

Changes in the administration of Turkish extensions
Changes in the administration of Turkish extensions

Domain names in Turkey have undergone a major process of change and development in recent years. Last year, we announced the liberalization of domain names under the, and extensions.

It’s now a project to open .TR live. The allocation of .TR will be carried out according to a defined schedule with categories under a process called “ Transition Process“:

BTK announces the opening according to these 3 categories:

CATEGORY 1: since 14/09/2023 for a period of 2 months (end of period November 2023):

In this category, priority is given to holders of domain names with the extensions,,,, and respectively.

For example, for the domain name, the holder of the domain name has the right of priority allocation.

CATEGORY 2: from November 2023 to February 2024

In this category, priority will be given to holders of domain names with the “” extension assigned before 25.08.2023.

The category will be given priority to the following institutions (holder of

  • Professional organizations that are public institutions,
  • Public interest associations and foundations benefiting from tax exemption,
  • Professional organizations of employees or employers.

CATEGORY 3: the date has not yet been announced, but we can deduce that it will be from February 2024.

In this category, holders of domain names under these extensions will have priority:,,,, For this last category, the rules have not yet been defined.

We will keep a close eye on future announcements of the registry and will keep you informed as soon as we have more precise dates for the last category. Please note that the dates of the different periods can be modified if necessary.

Don’t hesitate to prepare your orders and contact your consultants and account managers to review your domain names portfolio in Turkey.

Author: Carine VIGNERON

Account Manager - Registries Relations Specialist - Nameshield group