About us

Nameshield has been working since its creation in 1994, to help companies protect their brands in the unique, digital, global and immediate market that is the Internet. Nameshield is a registrar of reference, which proposes to its customers solutions to protect their digital identity.

Nameshield is a stable and sustainable company, with 90% of its shares held by its employees (the remaining 10% being held by the Esperancia endowment fund).

The development of Nameshield has always been made thanks to the trust granted by its customers. This trust has been gained by a constant perception and vision of the registrar business evolutions that had to be anticipated by knowing how to invest.

Nameshield’s solutions allow its customers to benefit from the assistance of experts on all aspects of domain name management (daily management, legal services, technical security – SSL – DNS – etc., online brand protection, monitoring), from a multi-users platform.

In a logic of development of proprietary solutions and customized assistance to its customers, Nameshield has developed over the past 30 years, a wide range of products, allowing customers to benefit from a large range of services covering all their needs.

Sophisticated cyber detection and remediation solutions, including:
  • Domain name digital risks mapping;
  • Digital asset monitoring on the external perimeter and remediation actions.
Security solutions against cyber threats, including:
  • Highly available managed DNS infrastructure;
  • Implementation of e-mail system authentication protocol via DKIM/DMARC policy.
Secure domain name registration and technical management solution that guarantees the availability of strategic assets, including :
  • Strategic management and governance of domain names;
  • ICANN and ANSSI compliance audits and concrete implementation of technical and administrative best practices.

Nameshield accompanies you from France (Angers/Paris), Germany (Frankfurt), Canada (Montreal) and Monaco.

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