Nameshield renews its ISO 27001 certification on all its registrar activity

Nameshield renews its ISO 27001 certification
Nameshield renews its ISO 27001 certification

First French registrar certified ISO 27001 since 2017, for its activities of domain names portfolio, DNS and TLS/SSL certificates management, Nameshield is proud to announce the renewal of its ISO 27001 certification in February 2023.

What is the ISO 27001 certification?

ISO 27001 is an international standard that describes the requirements for the implementation of an Information Security Management System, intended to select the security measures to be implemented in order to ensure the protection of a company’s sensitive assets on a defined perimeter. In Nameshield’s case, this covers the entire registrar activity.

At a higher level, the ISO 27001 standard requires that the managers of the company are involved in the cyber defense. In parallel, a steering committee follows the implementation of the new measures respecting the standard.

Why the ISO 27001 certification?

To be ISO 27001 certified is to guarantee to our clients and partners that the security of information systems is fully integrated in each of the services offered by Nameshield, that we are committed to a process of continuous improvement, requiring specific resources that we have chosen to deploy.

The ISO 27001 certification also confirms the competence of Nameshield’s employees and their expertise in protecting critical information.

What this ISO 27001 certification guarantees

The ISO 27001 certification, delivered by LRQA, the World Leader of the certification of value added Management systems, ensures:

  • The involvement of all Nameshield’s employees in the continuous improvement of our security arrangements;
  • An answer to our security goals and those of our clients through an annual analysis of the risks and their processing, according to the Ebios method;
  • The deployment of more secure products and services, with higher added values, that better meet our clients’ expectations;   
  • Our mobilization in case of incidents and our ability to always do better by analyzing the processing of each alert;
  • The continuity of our activities, whatever the threats, by ensuring our remote activities (backup site, telecommuting, redundant servers…).

The renewal of this ISO 27001 certification confirms Nameshield’s determination to offer the best services to its clients under conditions of optimal security.

Author: Lucie Loos

Marketing & Communication Director - Nameshield group