Modification of registration conditions in .DZ – Register the equivalent in .TM.DZ to keep control!

Modification of registration conditions in .DZ
Image source : SofiLayla via Pixabay

The Algerian registry has changed its registration conditions quite restrictively. These changes also affect already registered domain names:

  • The applicant must now be “an entity established in Algeria, having legal representation in Algeria”.
  • This means that holders or applicants holding only an Algerian brand and who cannot justify a local presence in Algeria will have to move towards the registration of a .TM.DZ domain name.
  • Please note, registering a .TM.DZ domain name opens an identical registration in .DZ.

Another important element relating to .DZ already registered:

  • Changes are no longer possible on these names, except for holders who are a local entity. The only “operation allowed” is renewal.

Our advice:

Since the end of 2018, Nameshield has been encouraging you to register your .TM.DZ domain names, we of course maintain this advice and strongly encourage you to quickly register the equivalent of your .DZ in .TM.DZ. This will maintain a high level of reactivity, especially in case of emergency modifications.