15 websites proposing DDoS attacks closed by the FBI

15 websites proposing DDoS attacks closed by the FBI
Image source: typographyimages via Pixabay

In its last quarterly report, Nexusguard stated that after the FBI closed 15 websites providing cyberattacks services, a decrease of 85% of the DDoS attacks’ scale and 24% of big attacks were observed.

In the same way, these closings would lead to the decrease of 11% of the attacks’ volume comparing to the same period in 2018 and at an international level.

Indeed, it was in December 2018 that the FBI successfully shut down 15 websites proposing DDoS attacks services, called “booters” or “booters services” in the business.

To achieve their goals, these booters use IP stresser, which originally are tools allowing to test the server or the network’s resilience. The cybercriminals hijack these IP stresser and send through them a large volume of requests towards the servers until they are overloaded and unable to respond anymore.

The Nexusguard report also indicates that the 15 websites closed by the FBI would be the technical source of about 11% of the global DDoS attacks of various sizes since 2014. Of course, this decrease might only be temporary, the multiplication of bot networks being the real plague of our decade in terms of cybercriminality.

Author: Lucie Loos

Marketing & Communication Director - Nameshield group