Have you heard of Esperancia?

Esperancia_logo - Nameshield

Surely, you have already noticed the Esperancia logo in the email signature of your Nameshield partner. But do you know how it works?

Esperancia is an endowment fund with an innovative and ingenious concept: the search for long lasting funding. This system ensures to maintain its purpose: a long-term action to the associations it supports.

Esperancia - Nameshield


If Esperancia owns 15% of our company’s shares, Nameshield also transfers 1% of its annual revenue to Esperancia.

Therefore, as a Nameshield customer, you also participate to the development of Esperancia.

This endowment fund works in a unique way. In that regard, Nameshield and the other sponsoring companies are pioneer companies.

Thanks to the funds collected by donations in euros or in capital, Esperancia assists and supports existing associative projects aimed to protect and help children and underprivileged youth to become self-sufficient adults able to take their place in society.

Esperancia intends to be a “purveyor of hope” to young people in difficulty. At the same time, Esperancia brings a complementary meaning to the commitment of our collaborators and to their involvement in our company: we commit ourselves to social projects at their side.


Last July, Nameshield hosted an event for the project “Réussir Angers”, created to help vulnerable 18-30 years old young people, who have for example, the common point of disregarding professional codes.

One of the purposes of this day was to educate those young adults, to initiate them to the corporate world, and make them feel more confident about themselves.

Over a convivial meal, the young people could listen to four Nameshield collaborators discussing about their personal and professional background.

In this favorable context, reassuring and free of pretense, the young people integrated to the project, could explore the doubts, obstacles and difficulties experienced by our fellow volunteers as well as their achievements, their successes, small and big.

A moment of exchange and sharing, enriching for every participants on each side of the stage.