.FR: Increased unaided awareness among French VSEs and SMEs

In October 2023, Afnic, the French Association for Cooperative Internet Naming, which manages the .fr domain, carried out a survey on the perception of .fr among 502 tradespersons, retailers or VSE/SME managers selected on the basis of company size. Here are the results of the survey:

  • For 70.9% of French VSEs and SMEs, the .fr extension is spontaneously cited, that’s 6.2 points more than in 2022, ahead of .com (69.1%) and .org (20.5%).
  • 61% of French VSEs and SMEs consider that .fr has a very good reputation (that’s 11 points higher than .com) and 38% consider it to have a fairly good reputation.
  • And finally, for 88% of French VSEs and SMEs, .fr is perceived as the extension that enables them to promote French expertise in France and abroad.

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Author: Aurélie Tran

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