The launch of .MADRID in Sunrise phase until December 10, 2019

The launch of .MADRID
The launch of .MADRID
Image source : Stan89 via Pixabay

Managed by the Comunidad de Madrid registry, the .MADRID extension will be launched as of next April 11th in APL period (Approved Launch Program), a preliminary phase of the sunrise phase, only reserved to public administrations.

The launching of this extension will be following the calendar below:

  • APL period (Approved Launch Program): from 2019/04/11 to 2019/06/06
  • Sunrise and LRP (Limited Registration Period) periods: from 2019/07/16 to 2019/12/10
  • General availability: from 2019/12/17

For more information on the conditions for registration of your .MADRID, don’t hesitate to contact us.